I wish to change the IP of my domain, but have no downtime, whatsoever.

This example shows how you can change the IP of your domain without having any downtime.
This assumes both IPs are going to be on the same box.
We'll also use the Multi-IP system and just assign the 2nd IP to 1 domain, and temporarily have 2 IPs on the same User account (you can change it later if you want).  This allows multiple domains to be on the User account, and they'll be unaffected.

We'll assume we have domain.com using, and we'll change the domain (not the User) to use, but still allow to work in the background for a short period (hence no-downtime).

1) Add as a 2nd IP to the domain using the Multi-IP System

2) Edit your dns to remove all IPs:
User Level -> domain.com -> DNS Management -> remove all A records that point to

Note, leave your TXT record (spf) if is your server IP.  Outbound emails will always leave from your server IP, so it needs to stay put.

3) Wait 4 hours.   Then wait some more (maybe a day).  This is for dns propogation.  We need the old IP to get flushed out of the dns system on everyones dns servers (not just yours).

4) Once the dns has propogated and been flushed out, then you can fully remove from the domain (and User if you want).
User Level -> Domain Setup -> domain.com -> remove

OR, to remove it from the User (has to be done quickly):
- Remove from the domain
- Re-add to the domain
- Go to Reseller Level -> List Users -> username:  remove the additional IP.
- At the same page, change the main IP for the user from to

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