Meldingen: .eu & Brexit: Suspended Domains Withdrawn on July 1 2021

Gepubliceerd: 18.06.2021

We want to remind you that, UK registrants whose .eu domain names were SUSPENDED on January 1, 2021, will lose their domain names on July 1 2021, unless the registration details are updated by then. Affected resellers have already been informed directly by us, including lists of the .eu domains in question.

We suggest that you contact your impacted customers to make sure their requests to move .eu domain names back to the REGISTERED status is submitted before June 30, 2021. Registrants can demonstrate their compliance with the .eu regulatory framework by updating their contact data.

On July 1, 2021, the registry will move non-compliant domain names to the WITHDRAWN status until December 31, 2021. Domain names in the WITHDRAWN status are no longer functional, and are no longer in the zone file. Read more here

Please note that the .eu domain names currently in the SUSPENDED status, that are up for renewal in June, are renewed automatically unless reinstated or deleted before the renewal date. No reimbursements for these renewals will be possible. We urge you to ask your registrants to update their contact details or schedule the deletion of the domain name.