Meldingen: Removal of FILE Validation for Wildcard SSL Certificates

Gepubliceerd: 01.10.2021

The recent CA Browser (CA/B) Forum ballot SC45 mandates the disallowance of file-based authentication for wildcard certificates. The CA/Browser Forum has determined that this process is insufficient for validating wildcard domains or entire domain spaces.

In the course of this upcoming policy change we will make updates to the circumstances under which file-based Domain Control Validation (DCV) can be employed.

Support for FILE Validation for wildcard certificates will be removed in Vservs as of November 9, 2021. For multi-domain certificates using file-based DCV, each subdomain must be independently validated. This requirement affects all SSL / TLS certificate requests and thus all types of certificates offered at Vservs.

Requesters who have used file-based DCV in the past may continue to use this method for multi-domain certificates by simply inserting the assigned token into each subdomain to be validated. If they prefer, requesters can choose a different DCV method for multi-domain certificates instead. A method other than file-based DCV must be selected for newly ordered wildcard certificates.