Meldingen: Changes to .RU Handling

Gepubliceerd: 07.03.2022

Dear Customer,

This has been a period of horrific violence, and our thoughts and support go to everyone affected
among our customers, business partners, friends, loved ones and, most importantly, people on the
ground in Ukraine.

A number of customers and suppliers have been enquiring about CentralNic's position regarding
the supply of domain names and other services during the conflict. We have consulted with our
leadership teams, advisors, governing bodies, and industry partners to understand their views,
and formulated the policy below.

This is an exceptionally difficult area for us as it presents a conflict between our company's
mission of helping as many people as possible to succeed on the internet, globally, and our
commitment to doing what is right and ethical. Choosing the best path to achieve both these
beliefs has rarely been more difficult than it is today.

Please note the following:

Existing resellers will be able to continue to renew their existing .RU domains when they expire,
subject to any changes in sanctions and our ability to maintain supply. We will inform
you if in future we can no longer process renewals.

No new registrations or inbound transfers of .RU domains will be permitted until further
notice. The same applies to early or multi-year renewals.

We reserve the right to deactivate or delete any domain name that is used - in our sole opinion -
to violate the sanctions or to further the goals of the war.

We will continue to monitor this complex and fluid situation closely and should there be any
changes, we will update you immediately.

Any profits made from selling .RU domains from February 22 until the end of hostilities will be
donated to the Red Cross to help refugees and victims of war. We will also be matching
donations made by our employees. The above also applies to all other Russian Top Level Domains.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support of our decision. Together, along with so many others, we wish for peace.

Your Team at Vservs